Saturday, September 24, 2022


Thanks so much to everyone who came out in Ballinasloe last night to support our Culture Night event - what a crowd! Special thanks to Councillor Evelyn Parsons for opening the exhib and to Stephen and Lizzy for the beautiful music. The exhib is open today, Sat 24th Sep, at THT Ballinasloe, from 11am to 6pm.


Group 8 - minus John Soden

Councillor Evelyn Parsons

Tommy Campbell bowl

Silky Suds by Zara

Lily Kelly artwork

Fiona Ormsby artworks

Walter Coughlan ceramic

Fiona Moore painting

John Soden artworks

Nuala O'Connor art book - essay & photos

Grellan Ganly - ceramic

Walter Coughlan ceramic

Úna Spain - photography

Joyce Little - installation

Harpist Lizzy

Joyce Little, Alocoque and Anna


Lizzy & Stephen

Thursday, September 22, 2022


Artwork by Grellan Ganly

Here's some sneak preview pics of the work for EIGHT, the Group 8 2022 Culture Night exhib. We've been hanging today and we've a treat in store for all of you tomorrow.

Exhib times:

11am to 6pm Friday 23rd September - Culture Night

7pm Friday 23rd September - Culture Night - opening event with music, readings, and refreshments

11am to 6pm Saturday 24th September

Fiona Ormsby
Don helps Lily Kelly

Lily helps Fiona Moore (Group 8's newest member)

Grellan Ganly surveys some of his work

Don and Fiona M

Fiona O hard at work

Joyce Little, hanging a web

Bowls by Tommy Campbell, being inspected by Finbar McLoughlin

Culture Night is brought to you by the Arts Council in partnership with Galway County Council.

Monday, August 29, 2022


8 - image by Nuala O'Connor

For its twelfth outing, Ballinasloe-based artist collective Group 8 will hold the opening of its annual exhibition, EIGHT, on Culture Night, Friday the 23rd September, at 7pm, in Artisan Alley at the Town Hall Theatre, Ballinasloe. The exhibition will run from 11am until late Friday 23rd, and 11am to 6pm Saturday 24th, and will feature writing, paintings, wood turning, textiles, photography, ceramics, mixed media, and sculpture.

Opening will be by Cllr Dr Evelyn Parsons.

EIGHT is the result of collaborative work the members of Group 8 undertook, taking inspiration from the figure 8 itself, its symbolism and meaning; from the idea of the number eight as representing infinity; and/or from working within the parameters of producing eight pieces of work. As always, each artist or writer was free to interpret the theme in whatever way they chose.

Group 8, founded in 2009, and now expanded from its original cohort of eight members, is comprised of ten visual artists and two writers. They are: Joyce Little – visual and multimedia artist; Tommy Campbell – sculptor and woodturner; Lily Kelly – visual artist; Grellan Ganly – visual artist; Úna Spain – visual artist; Nuala O’Connor – writer; Zara Little-Campbell – writer; John Soden – painter; Walter Coughlan – ceramicist; and Fiona Ormsby – textile designer. The group recently welcomed a brand new member, painter Fiona Moore.

Group 8 is a non-profit, professional arts group who came together in Ballinasloe to foster awareness, imagination and co-operative learning between the artist and the community. The group hosts exhibitions, literary events, artist talks, readings, workshops, and book launches.

All are welcome to the opening and to visit the exhib across the two days. Free admission. Refreshments will be served on Culture Night.

Culture Night is brought to you by the Arts Council in partnership with Galway County Council.

Saturday, September 18, 2021


We had a fantastic event at the Town Hall Theatre in Ballinasloe last night, where Jungian psychotherapist Brendan Harding did the opening/launching honours. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us.

Group 8 with Brendan Harding

Brendan Harding

Zara Little-Campbell

Nuala O'Connor

Poem by Zara

John Soden painting

Walter Coughlan artwork

Friday, September 17, 2021


We had fun hanging and preparing our UNBOUND exhibition last night at the Town Hall Theatre, Ballinalsoe. The space looks wonderful and we look forward to welcoming you all.

Opening times:    Friday 17th 10am to 6pm

                            Saturday 18th 10am to 6pm

Opening event: Friday 17th, Culture Night, 7pm. Opening with refreshments, music, art, readings and a launch speech from Brendan Harding.

Brendan Harding, Juno & Finbar McLoughlin, Tommy Campbell

Dom Oglesby and Tommy Campbell

Fiona Ormsby

Juno McLoughlin & John Soden

Úna Spain

Lily Kelly

Zara Little-Campbell

John Soden

Grellan Ganly's work

Nuala O'Connor - image from Unbound/Lacrimosa